Italian Design Grand Tour

Moving forwards while maintaining cultural intergrity of the past.



Taking a plunge into understanding the heart of Italy's culture, I participated in a five-week seminar covering four major cities: Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan to understand the communication of "Made in Italy". We held discussions in each city and interviewed leading designers, architects and professionals and made visits to representative companies, schools of design, design centers, museums, exhibitions and galleries.


The seminar class kept a blog you can read here, and concluded with a presentation of our findings at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.


Our interpretations of “Made in Italy” lead to the concept of "Moving forwards while maintaining cultural intergrity of the past", we covered five major keypoints: Preservation --of distinctive characteristics of Italian design, modernizing tradition, reinvention, adaptation --by means of globalization, and youth --in terms of education. Each keypoint is supported with case studies and observations.


This work was done together with Justine Sun DelaCruz and Remi Ogundokun .